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Partnering To Build A World Where All Children Fill Loved

Marjo Children's Foundation was started in May 2022 by Kinene Martin. Who, having worked as a head of schools especially private primary schools in Uganda for over twenty years, both in rural and urban settings, was always overwhelmed by big numbers of parents who wished their children good education but were limited by finances. So, in each school he headed, there were always parents coming to him either requesting for bursaries for their children or asking for a reduction in tuition fees due to the fact that private education in Uganda has to be paid for. Not forgetting the fact that some parents cannot even afford to buy books and pencils or pens for their children in order to go to government/public schools.
Hearing statements from parents like "I did not go to school but I want my child to get good education in order to take care of me at my old age!", together with the effects of the COVID 19 lock down, all gave birth to the idea of opening up Marjo Nursery and Primary School under Marjo Children's Foundation in rural Sembabule where parents had aired out their cry for the need for good and affordable education for their children. A school within their community for their children to commute to and from school since they could not afford boarding fees on top of tuition fees. After starting with 31 children in 2022, the number has now grown to 118 children by December 2023.
More are still being identified as well as more coming-in for bursaries that are available for the coming years.



Our Mission

We exist to have all children including the less privileged access quality and affordable education in Sembabule District and neighbouring areas.

Our Vision

We desire to have a well educated, welcoming, responsible and resourceful environment no matter our backgrounds or status.

Our Objectives

  • To provide quality education to all children including the less privileged in Sembabule and neighbouring districts.
  • To create a home where children especially girls can be helped to develop self esteem.
  • To support children who have been affected by HIV/AIDS in different ways.
  • To help children develop their natural talents in an enabling environment.


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