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Build a World Where All Youth Are Safe,
Strong & Valued

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Partnering To Build A World Where All Children Fill Loved

Marjo Children's Foundation was started in May 2022 by Kinene Martin. Who, having worked as a head of schools especially private primary schools in Uganda for over twenty years, both in rural and urban settings, was always overwhelmed by big numbers of parents who wished their children good education but were limited by finances. So, in each school he headed, there were always parents coming to him either requesting for bursaries for their children or asking for a reduction in tuition fees due to the fact that private education in Uganda has to be paid for.

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We Find & Fund

Through research on various families beginning with those within the parish of Lutunku, children are selected from the very less privileged families, child headed families resulting from the effects of HIV and AIDS, families headed by single parents especially by single...

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We Build Networks

For identification of needy children/ families and funding for such children, we uphold our vision "because only together, we can build a world where all children feel loved and valued. We network with all individuals and groups/organisations that think like we think, about a child...

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We Strengthen

For all children under our care, we help them build self esteem in order to fit in their communities and also focus on their future, knowing and believing that they are and can become important people in future. We build and strengthen that bond through periodical visits to their...

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We Educate

We bring up a whole child within our school; Marjo Nursery and Primary Schools. All the 118 children under the care of our foundation attend our school. We give academic, social, moral and spiritual support to our children and we also extend some forms of support to their...

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We Provide Care

We give support to all selected children regardless of their back grounds. We give equal opportunities to all. We feed them, clothe them and give them spiritual teachings regardless of their religious backgrounds. We also give them moral support through guidance...

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We Consult

In all that we do, we connect with various stakeholders in the various fields of our operation. We collaborate with the education officers at district level for our primary school, religious leaders for spiritual growth of our children, community leaders and parents in...

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My mother separated with my father and my father moved on leaving me with my mother and my other 4 siblings in a temporary house. My mother worked so hard to finish the small house in which we live now. Time came when she could not manage to pay for materials like books to use at school. This forced me to drop out of school just after two years.
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MAWANDA DENNIS: 12 years, Primary Three
My name is Mawanda Dennis and I am in primary three at Marjo Nursery and Primary School. I was attacked by a sickness some years back and I became lame when I was in primary three. I dropped out of school because the distance to the nearby school was too long for me to travel on a wheel chair. Even when I could go to school, it was very difficult for me to attend because there was no one to help me with going to the toilet and getting me food from home.
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